Flight Training

Call 937-581-6865 today!

Ready to go? Contact the club at Greene County Airport at 937-581-6865. Follow the signs at the Airport to the club facilities just outside the main aircraft hangar.


Are you a Non-U.S. Citizen seeking flight training? Please see the following to learn what may be required of you before you begin. This document also includes information on proof of U.S. citizenship requirements.

US and Non-US Citizens Seeking Flight Training.pdf

Flight Training at MacAir

If you're looking for top-notch flight training, then you've found the right place. Our club roots grow from the former Wright-Patterson AFB Aero Club with a large number of highly qualified, former military pilots. We have more than 20 Certified Flight Instructors that offer many different levels of training for you to advance your skills no matter your background. Plus, our pilot training courses are approved by the FAA (under FAR Part 141). If you are a military member or former/retired member with GI Bill benefits, you may be able to apply your Veteran's Administration/GI Bill benefits. Whether you are entirely new to aviation or whether you've already filled your first logbook, we probably have something new and unique to explore.

Learn to fly today!

Flight training is a fun and exciting challenge that is extremely rewarding. You will sit in the pilot's seat and fly the airplane even on your first lesson. Becoming a pilot doesn't begin with a rugged and boring training program only after which are you able to enjoy your labor, rather the fun starts from the minute you get in the plane. The cost of flying can be similar to what many people spend each year doing other great activities like boating and skiing. Start today by calling the MacAir Aero Club and arranging for an informative introductory flight with one of our instructors.

Advanced Programs

The MacAir Aero Club offers many different levels of flight training. A good pilot is always learning, so why not start your next step in training today? Get your instrument rating or commercial certificate right away through our Part 141 training school. Or, if you are ready for a whole new challenge, get started on your way to becoming a certified flight instructor.